Sunday, November 8, 2009

1000 Gifts

0062.  making plans for our Thanksgiving week with family

0063.  the eager anticipation of a long trip - kids already asking "when are we going?"

0064.  a friend who calls and takes my kids so that I can clean my nest

0065.  learning a new skill/hobby and using it to supply Christmas gifts to loved ones

0066.  the smells of autumn

0067.  sweet children exhausted from a day of being outside working in the yard at Gramma & Grampa's

0068.  hard work out in our yard - mowing one last time... gathering leaves & pine straw in heaping bags... and the exhaustion of hard physical labor

0069.  a few more warm days to enjoy outside before the cold winds of winter arrive and stay

0070.  a celebration of our new Bible Study class turning one year old - as a result - new friends, a fresh perspective and a closer walk with Jesus.

0071.  a few hours of silence while my boys sleep and husband is away to study God's Word and spend some time with Him.


Heather said...

Isn't this warm weather wonderful?? We're loving the treat here, but not looking forward to the rain~

Ah well... glad your Thanksgiving plans are coming together-- can you believe it's only 2 weeks away??

Give your boys a hug for me-- and don't forget Shiloh, the big oaf :)

Anonymous said...





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