Monday, February 28, 2011

1000 gifts: A post under the wire

My 1000 gifts posting usually happens on Monday mornings... it's a Monday "thing"... at Holy Experience  - Multitudes on Mondays... something to start the work week off right... giving thanks for the everyday.  It's a taking time to breathe in all of the things missed so often because they are, well, regular.  I was going to let today slip by... not post... just let it pass... but after reading Chapter 4 of One Thousand Gifts  I could not let it go.  

My focus has changed... after a hurried day, I slow, read, drink in the words penned with ink.  Realize that to have more time I need to slow down.  That in my hurry I don't make more time, but lose it.  Ironic. That in my rushing through my days... wishing to be one more step ahead... time steals away. Life slipping with it.  

But stopping to give thanks... for the everyday seems to halt it.  Causing the time to slow.  Appreciating the things that so often go unnoticed...

And so I continue my counting of blessings... 

711. warm gingerbread cake fresh from the oven

712.  Chopsy climbing into my lap for Family Bible Time

713.  Hearing "I love you, Mom." and it's lasting ring in my ears

714.  the sounds of singing by Monkeyman... "Whatever you do.... do it for the Lord."

715.  windy spring days at the park

716. boy strangers sharing toys for adventuring

717.  quiet evenings for book reading

718.  a gentle rain

719. shortened locks - all for the sake of time

720-722.  a crying babe in arms... getting dinner on the table... and my 6 year old to set the table for me because my hands are full

723. a warm meal - filling and satisfying the pangs of hunger

724.  wanting chickens for pets

725.  garden planning

726-727.  soap suds and the fresh scent of lemon verbena to wash away the day's tasks

728.  a shared smile

729.  the words reminding me to slow down, the only way to share in the eucharisteo... give thanks... and then the blessings.

Please join us in the sharing, remembering, and counting of One Thousand Gifts.

Monday, February 21, 2011

1000 Gifts: Joy

I've been absent for a while...just haven't had the time to blog - my life has been full of other things to check off the list.  But this morning I crawled out of bed - in my groggy state determined to make time for 1000 gifts - because there are so many.   Praise to our God who gives us victory - regardless of our time constraints,  our feelings,  our position, our economic background, our Christian church affiliation, or anything else man made!  He is worthy to receive it all!

691.- 710.

*kids asleep on a Monday morning... a chance to celebrate His gifts

*warm winter days of 70 and above 

*time to steal away to a park with friends and enjoy fresh air, climbing, running, and freedom

*the excitement of a 7 year old at being able to cross the monkey bars for the first time

*the joy at watching him accomplish this challenge after trying over and over again

*the 4 month old who discovered his screeching  singing voice :)

*the sweetheart banquet at our church - with my sweetheart

*our first Vacation Bible School meeting of 2011 - reminding me that summer isn't so far away

*seed catalogs

*a book donated and received ~ to celebrate the journey of 1000 Gifts

*my imaginative 4 year old - using wooden spoons for swords, complete with a "shinging" sound as he defeats the bad guy pirates

*sticks and their many uses for a boy

*God's provision

*trying out new recipes

*socialization for homeschool moms :)

*open windows before the pollen flies 

*Grandma Hio celebrating another year of life!

*library books

*putting Scripture in the memory vault to be used later as the Holy Spirit calls it to mind

*For the word of God is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.    Heb 4:12 NAS

Monday, February 7, 2011

1000 Gifts: A Peek at Spring

Just last time I posted my counting of countless blessings I entitled the post In the Bleak Midwinter.  The Lord knew I needed a peak at spring.  So last week on Tuesday after I posted Monday He generously gave me a taste of the spring to come.

Continually counting the blessings....
671. - 690.

~ 54 degree days on the first of February

~stealing away to a park and away from school for a bit

~ homeschool mommy socialization time

~delicate blooms poking through dormancy

~belly laughs of infancy

~a 6 year old reader

~"Mom will you sit with me?"

~"Mom, how come they love me so much?" - said by a 4 year old of friends

~the calming of praise the KING when worries creep in

~Words so true:  We will remember by Tommy Walker 

~hot cocoa

~ boy faces

~ quiet time alone with the Lord while boys play in the background

~library books

~ birthday parties

~ encouragement

~ a regular call from my sister just to chat

~ a book donated so that I may become more acquainted with GRACE

~the blog originally beginning the journey of 1000 Gifts

~ enjoying the community of those who are counting their graces with me

there are so many more than 1000... won't you join the counting?