Tuesday, September 13, 2011

1000 Gifts: Random

I know that I missed Monday, again.  We were busy getting ready to have no school on Tuesday because we had a full schedule Tuesday...not at the house.  We spent the full day at church today... having some Eucharisteo.  And as God would have it... hearing about Eucharisteo from a friend who spoke at a ladies' luncheon.  I love how the Father brings to the front things on which HE really yearns for us to focus!

So I continue my counting... no pictures today... just counting... but thankful, all the same.


*the Father providing relationships that encourage us to look more like Him
*hearing about Eucharisteo at church
*striving to stop sinning in my grumbling
*hearing my sweet littles singing praises and quoting Scripture when they don't know I'm listening
*the fact that my littles are "getting IT"
*boys sharing cookies with friends
*my sweet friend finding out "It's a girl!"
*a friend returning from AR - it's about time!
*being encouraged
*knowing my Father sings sweetly over me (Zeph 3:17)
*a new ministry opportunity
*somehow finding grace in even the yucky stuff

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First day of school - not really

Well - I've been encouraged to take pictures of the first day of school.  Normally, any mom would be doing this, right?  Because I never sent my kids off on a bus, because I never dropped them off at the door or picked them up at the end of the day I never thought to take pictures if we were just staying at home for school.  

This year I remembered only after seeing everyone else posting first day of school pictures on Facebook.  So I laid out clothes last night. Told the boys that first thing in the morning they were to get dressed because we were taking First Day of School pictures.  After the funny looks and the explanation was finished (because today is actually our 13th day of school) we were ready.  This morning we walked out the door, my camera in hand to capture the "almost" first day of school.  As soon as we were finished I marched myself back in to the house and wrote on my calendar for next August..."Don't forget first day pictures. "  :) 

Here they are... second grade and almost Kindergarten. Here's to another year of homeschooling!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

1000 Gifts: How quickly I forget

Yep, we are experiencing the adventures of an active boy ... again! You'd think I'd remember this since this is my third boy.  The mischief that they find... things for a mom the years seem to allow to fade away, until of course, it happens all over again. 

So here my list continues... today scattered with all the things a momma forgets as her little ones mature.


~dirt piles on the floor from potted plants
~toilet paper unraveled in a heap under the holder
~underwear that once was folded and in drawers - strewn everywhere
~the box of duplo blocks that was just picked up - now all over the floor- again
~the need for a bath after every meal because somehow food gets in hair
~my bathroom drawer open and hair brushes out
~splashes of water on the toilet seat - praying that my older ones flushed before hand
~chewed grass
~chewed books
~chewed everything
~clothes folded neatly in a laundry basket - no longer folded neatly
~splashes of water all over the floor of the bathroom after a bath
~food around his chair at meal's end... oh how I miss having a dog!
~cheerios stuck to every body part exposed
~retrieving my sweet one from nursery at church, watching him play sweetly until he spots me then seeing him bursting into tears
~the coffee table being cleared of various items - you guessed it... on the floor
~the chase to the electrical outlets
~grocery bags removed from their space
~drinking from bottles that have nothing in them
~magnets that started out on the fridge
~getting into the crayon drawer and finding a snack
~watching my little one grow and explore - even though it may mean another mess needs cleaning
... for these and so many other things I am thankful - and so the counting continues.

(sorry some of the pictures a blurry - I just had to include them )