Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A mosaic of Grace

I was chatting with a friend of mine the other day describing to her what God has done with me and friendships.   Ever since I moved to this always transient area I have made incredible friendships, only for the LORD to allow the most special friends to be removed from proximity.  Most have been moved by the Navy, some for other jobs, or to be closer to their parents.  But after I finished the conversation, I realized not only do my circumstances make up the picture of who I am, but also those spectacular people that I call my friends shape me.

Lately, I've been feel like I've been going through the ringer.  I am more tired than normal due to a surprise pregnancy.  So especially in the early stages - you ladies who know - as soon as you wake up from 8 hours sleep you feel like you need to go back and get 8 more.  My two spirited boys that I have keep me going, and my poor husband, I'm sure, thinks the house has been hit by a whirlwind and my cleaning skills have left the building.   As a result of all of this excitement and physical change I have been stuck in a pit.  What a blessing that the LORD secured those gals as my friends, those who support me, pray for me, love me beyond myself, and just listen to my daily struggles and share their own, reminding me that I am not going through this roller coaster ride alone.  It may be an email, a phone call to check up on me, a stop by the house to drop off a special thing, or a quick post on facebook to ask how things are going.

 (And alas - I searched the internet to find a photo mosaic maker for free so I could illustrate my blog - but none that I found worked well... so sorry for the lack of illustration.)

So as I consider who I am, really consider who God has created me to be, I know that circumstances have made me stronger and shaped me, but I also am sure in my photo that there are the faces of those that have made a difference in my life.  Those whom I have the privilege to call friend.  Thank you.


amy said...

i do believe the pleasure is ours, as your friends, to intercede for you, to lift your spirits, make you laugh, cry with you, and just come along side you, no matter what.

Hubby said...

Loving you, missing you, praying for you, happy for you, excited for you, anxious for you-- did I mention missing you?? You're the best, G... truly... the best. And remember-- the night may be long, but JOY-- HIS joy... perfect, complete, all-encompassing... it comes in the morning! hallelujah!

Heather said...

ooppps... that one was from me :)

Jennifer said...

Being on both sides of the moving ahead/left behind situation in the past, I truly feel that it is harder to be left. When you are the one leaving, you have so much to look ahead for. I think that's why so much of the time, we military families tend to stick to our own...and why so many civilian families hold themselves back from becoming our friends. That's one thing I love about being here and HWY-30. Such a great mix and it's a no holds barred with the friends!