Saturday, April 10, 2010


For the past week I had been feeling especially overwhelmed... my husband was doing some freelance work which kept him working and away from the family for an extended period of time this week.  Ultimately, that meant that I was with my boys 24/7 for the entire week.  Because this was the week after Easter our normally scheduled activities that would have afforded me a breather were canceled.   So these things happening altogether left me feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. 

This morning, Jeremy headed off to the men's breakfast at church. I was left with the mommy role by myself again.  I love being a mom.  But I just needed a few minutes of being alone. To breathe.  A few minutes of refreshment. To regroup.  To collect thoughts.  To remember why I love being a mom.

My boys were playing wonderfully together in their room, and were even quiet.  I took the opportunity to call my best friend to chat.  We used to see each other all the time until 4 years ago. She moved north because of her husband's job.  Calling her was my breath of fresh air.  My opportunity to regroup.

It's amazing what chatting with a good friend can do.  God purposefully puts special people in our path to edify us.  Folks who are familiar with our station in life.  Individuals who know what its like to be in the trenches and have thrived, not just survived.  Those who can encourage us just by being there.    It's amazing how much better I felt after our conversation was finished.  I felt so good I went back to doing the dishes, washing laundry, and picking up after my blessings feeling much less overwhelmed.  Ahhhhhh!  Thanks for the chat, Heather. :) 

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Heather said...

Keep *thriving,* my friend... and know that you are are my therapy, too :)

Missing you tremendously-- thanks for calling!

much, much love,