Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dinner with a Spiritual Giant

We invited a friend over for dinner last night...a friend who has been in the midst of a storm for a while now... I'm talking years.  Every time I hear her speak I am utterly amazed and dumbfounded.  She has dealt with infidelity more than once, divorce, the pain of her boys hurting, death, ridicule, false accusations, court issues calling her an unfit mother, and just all around ugliness that is almost laughable.   But what is so different about my friend?  

I know that by her nature she would be embarrassed by this post of her... because she knows.  She knows and believes with all her heart that it's NOT her!  You see, she has Jesus Christ as her Savior.  She has the Holy Spirit dwelling inside her - enabling her to make good decisions - and what's even better is that she "plugs in" to that power.  She is in the Word DAILY!  She is on her knees DAILY! Her words are seasoned with love, grace, and mercy that could only be supplied by God's divine love and character.  She is salt and light in a dark world.  I've witnessed her loving her enemies and doing good to those who persecute her.  I have heard her give all praise and glory to GOD in everything that has happened in her life... both good and bad.  She. is. AMAZING.  She is a testimony - not only to those who don't know the LORD... but also, to me and to many like me who love the LORD.   She is an encouragement just by observing her and hearing her display God's grace and mercy.  WOW!  

 As the waves rise about her and the hurricane force winds begin to blow... she gets on her knees and faces the storm - not cowering - but confident - in her LORD JESUS to bring about good for her through all of this that He may be glorified.  And that is all she wants.  His Glory!  WOW!

As I live through my days... may I remember the lifestyle of this spiritual giant - and display more grace, more love, and more mercy... that I may bring glory to my Savior!

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Heather said...

An *awesome* example, for sure! Some of those things are almost more than I can muster on most any given day... but the loving your enemies part... on top of it all... how do you DO that?? Of course, I do know-- it's the power of the Holy Spirit... and it's available to me, too, if I only I plug in as she's done. Thanks, G, for the reminder! Faith in action-- that's what it's all about!

Hope you have a great weekend! We're off to VA Tech for State Champs in just a few minutes~ talk to you soon!!

much love,