Monday, October 10, 2011

1000 Gifts: Celebrations all around

October is turning out to be a busy  month for us.  The first weekend I was sent away to a beach house by my sweet husband for sometime with some gals on the Atlantic Coast.  I had some time to think, relax, and breathe. This weekend we celebrated the first of two birthdays in our household.  Next weekend we celebrate another.   With the business of fall in full swing I take time to give thanks... remembering that what I truly have is nothing.... it all comes from His hand.  Thank You, Father....


my husband sending me away for some time to breathe
boys' sleeping bags on the floor for a weekend campout at home
mantown weekend at home with dad
sharing a coastal beach house with the girls
late night chats
sleeping in until 8
staying in pajamas until early afternoon just talking
the quiet of the morning to read a good book
a lighthouse standing tall above the treeline to show the way
the sun's explosions of light from behind shade of gray
clouds dotting the blue sky
newlywed pictures at a resort
the feel of warm sand between my toes
the crashing waves
Duck Donuts
bringing prizes home for my little ones
a new kite
having no real schedule
feeling refreshed and restored
coming home to "Mommy! We missed you!"
a 7 year old's wisdom that the waves bow down to their Maker
celebrating the first 365 days of our wee one
bright blue eyes
a smile with only eight teeth
friends and family who join the celebration
the first feel of cake between the fingers
the blessings of gifts
the gifts of blessings
birthday song phone calls from far away :)
a park to play, run, jump, and climb 
coming home for a quick dinner and a warm tub
pajama comfort
rocking my littlest to sleep 
remembering the needed pain that brought him into the world
prayers and hope for his future
the feel of his little muscles relaxing into sleep
slow steady breath sounds

so thankful for all that God has done!  


ells said...

Hi neighbor...what a wonderful gift from your your pictures...and your little one is just too cute.

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Such beautiful photos! Such wonderful gifts! What a sweet husband. Staying in pjs is so much fun. Sand between your toes... oh... what an amazing feeling. The first feel of cake between the fingers... love it! :)

Heather said...

Love, love, love it all! So, so glad you were able to get away; so, so glad there was much rejoicing when once you returned home :) Isn't that the best??!

Giant hugs to you, my bff.... and many, many well-wishes for a smooth & melodious week ahead!

Sylvia said...

Great pictures! The birthday cake sequence had me laughing belly laughs.

Nacole said...

hi Gretchen,

over from Ann's.

beautiful, fun list! sand between your toes, husband giving you time away, joy at your return (no feeling like that), cake between are so blessed, friend.

your little adorable baby boy did a great job shoving all that cake in!

blessings in His grace,