Monday, September 23, 2013

Tags, Release, and Counting

This one is going to come in right under the wire for Multitude Mondays and counting blessings, but you're never late to count blessings.  They come in at all times... little things that you may not notice unless your looking for them.  That is the key - to look.  To notice.  To consciously recognize the gift - given by the Maker of the Universe to bless you... for your pleasure... for His delight... for His praise.

I wonder what goes through His mind when His creation stops and recognizes small things that He does everyday... a rainbow after a rainstorm,  a shooting star, a gorgeous sunset, the little people who hug your neck so hard you think you'll pass out, the breathing sounds of a sleeping babe.  I wonder if it makes Him giddy when He sees His loved ones receive the gift and then thank Him. -  Not giddy because of the praise... but because of the gift.  If He rejoices over me with singing - like it says in Zephaniah 3:17 - I can only imagine that it's the giddy excited feeling - that can't wait to be with someone feeling.  So it's with great adoration and love that I say thanks to my Daddy - Abba - for all of the things that He's let me witness and experience this week - I'll keep on counting.


* "Mommy, I missed you!" from my 3 year old upon returning from the grocery store
* Healing Hurts
* kids playing in the neighborhood
* a smile with 6 teeth
* getting laundry done
* a clean floor
* open windows with fresh air flowing
* cool fall temperatures
* a friend home from the mission field
*  an extra blanket for the bed
* the crispness of the morning
* the need for a warm drink in the morning
* good news of healing
* faithful friends taking my kids to BSF
* tagging monarchs to release for a 3000 mile journey to Mexico
* naming our butterflies
* 9 year old photobombs

* running around the Botanical Gardens - expending energy and learning in the process - the best type of school
* hugs between friends
*quiet rides in the car running errands
* the song that speaks to you being played on the radio
* hearing the quiet whisper of the Maker
* putting on spiritual armor and being ready for the fight
*standing in the gap
*a denim jacket
* fuzzy footed jammies and the 10 month old wearing them
* the anticipation of a tv premier fav
* soccer
* chalk drawing with friends in wheelchairs
* Chopsy and I visiting and ministering to friends with special needs
* Chopsy and J having a race - J in a wheelchair and Chops with his feet.
* the friendly disposition of a sweet almost 7 year old who doesn't know a stranger
* J teaching Chopsy how to drive his chair and the smile that it brought to his face
* kombucha tea - a new favorite
* sitting on the couch reading
* having school on the couch
* a new recipe
* the sound of hundreds of women singing to the King
* the pure acceptance of the love of Christ

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Heather said...

Bigger every day-- they're growing like weeds!!!

Rejoicing with you, even though I'm a couple days late :)
Happy Wednesday, dear friend!