Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Last night we arrived home from our trip, exhausted, but grateful for the fun we had. As I drove home from our trip I was intrigued by the teams of salt trucks lined up at the side of the highway ready for the word to start spreading the melting agents and sand for traction. Growing up on the coast of Lake Erie I recognized the clouds before me filled with snow just waiting to dump their white fluff down on us. Because we live so far south we rarely get snow. I didn't consider that we would be under a snow advisory as soon as arriving home. The entire night I kept the tv on just to watch the scrolling warning at the bottom of the show.

This morning I woke up to the radio intent on listening for the words that schools were closed due to the 3-5 " that was being forecast for this area. I received an automated phone call from my school system to inform me that school was canceled for today. Ahhh! I turned the radio off and rolled over to enjoy my covers and a few more minutes of sleep.

My hubby got up to let out the dog to give me a few more minutes of rest. When he returned to our room I asked how much snow we had. He said, "None. Not one flake." I'm not complaining in the least. I would like the snow, but one extra day at home to spend with my boys is what I really love. What's even better is my hubby's boss called right before he went to work and said that his office decided yesterday to follow whatever the schools did - so it turns out that he didn't have to go to work either! He did go in... just to get a few things done - but it won't be a regular work day.

Pictures of our snow day.
Not too good for a sled this time.

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