Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wordless, I mean Toothless, Wednesday

Alas - it was bound to happen...little signs of my boys getting bigger everyday.  For a few weeks Monkey has had a loose tooth.  He had a difficult time eating apples - they had to be cut up - or anything else that you take a bite out of.  Well today, during naptime, he came out of the room and had a very worried look on his face and a small white shiny tooth in his hand.  He looked  at me and asked, "Is it bleeding?"  With this first experience he was a bit worried that something was terribly wrong.  I sent him to the bathroom to spit out what small amount of blood there was and had him swish out his mouth. Then, of course, pictures.  I HAD to document my not so baby boy losing his first tooth.  Next, I suppose, he'll ask for the keys to the car.   I guess this is just God's way of reminding parents that time with our little ones is so brief.

And now, my toothless wonder!


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amy said...

according to my father, thursday is double day for the tooth fairy. too bad he missed it by a day! so big! t has lost 3 thus far, the first being on double thurs. i think i actually had tears in my eyes. for some reason, it made her so grown up!