Monday, June 21, 2010

1000 Gifts: Dads

 How incredible is it that the Lord gave us fathers as an earthly picture of Himself... flawed though it may be... He wanted us to understand how much He loves us. For this blessing of fathers - we give thanks.

388.  Godly men who have been mentors, teachers, guides, and friends to our family.

389.  my husband, their dad - king of tickle attacks, stories, horsey rides, and "man-town adventures"

390.   him, being understanding of "boy stuff" because not that long ago he was one too

391.  an evening swim at the pool to enjoy a special Dad's day

392.  potty training - finally finished!!!!!

393.  beginning the new adventure of swim team for our oldest

394.  serving those having trouble - teaching my boys the attitude of a life of service - washing feet

395.  a quick trip to a family wedding - Jeremy's granddad getting remarried at 80 something - nothing like an outdoor wedding on a farm

396.  summer reading

397. My dad, always willing to help however he can, even though far away.

398.  knowing that this time next year there will be another set of toes crawling around the house - a blessing from the Lord.


Stacey said...

Happy Fathers day! True blessings indeed!

from the gratitude community

Heather said...

Can I get an 'amen'!! Love the list, my friend... congrats on the potty training success, and best of luck with the new swim tean adventure-- it's surely a good thing!!

Happy first day of summer with big hugs for all~


emily wierenga said...

congrats on the upcoming set of toes :) joining you in giving thanks. e.

Jenny said...

Coming over from the Gratitude Community...I'm so happy for you that you finished #392 before the next little feet arrive. And #395 is great!