Friday, June 4, 2010

Snips and Snails

Well - we are embarking on a very familiar journey...the journey of little boys.  We had our ultrasound last night and the result from the pictures was - Boy!   There are many positives from this - I already have a ton of boy clothes and toys from the other two ahead of this little one... no weddings that we will have to pay for completely... carrying on the last name again... and less drama (?)  :).  However, there are downsides as well... the area around the toilet will be clean for only 5 minutes after I clean grocery bill is going up exponentially... and boys are known for not calling their mommas or keeping in touch with them after growing up.

God ordained this little one to be a part of our family... He specifically chose us for this little one and chose this little one for us!  How AWESOME is that to think on!!!!  Nothing happens by chance, but it is all providentially ordered by the God of the Universe!  The Lord has already established the number of this little one's days.  He knows everything he will ever do in his life.  He knows his first word, when he will get his first tooth,  his first bump, etc.  And even more - I know that the LORD loves him, even now,  because my little boy continues to be knit by the Almighty Creator!   My sweet little boy is being fearfully and wonderfully made!  What a precious thought for this momma!  I just can't wait to meet him!


Heather said...

They'll be the 3 musketeers... and you'll LOVE every second of it!

Congratualtions, my friend! Boys are **precious** gifts~

Jennifer said...

I love my little girl...but she is a Daddy's girl. My boys are mine:) I know that will change as they grow up, but I think that is why God makes them so cuddly and loving to their Mommy's when they are little.

PS>>>I totally get the toilet cleaning thing. I used to laugh when my friends with older kids told me that their boys daily chore is the bathroom. Now I understand and wish mine was old enough to do that!