Monday, August 23, 2010

1000 Gifts: Beginnings and ends

 Many things happened this week... I lost an aunt to cancer, we started school again, we completed a project, our refrigerator went out, friends visited who now live in PA, I chatted with my best friend regarding a crisis in her home, plus a variety of other activities.  The ONE constant throughout the entire week has been Jesus.  He is always there - helping, encouraging, praying, providing, loving, protecting, and more.   For Him I am eternally grateful... and for all that He provides - I give thanks.

481.  The homegoing of a sweet aunt - a sister in the Lord.

482.  new books lining the table for planning

483.  the excitement of my boys - "Can we start school now mommy?"

484.  the first week completed

485.  seeing old friends and falling right back into relationship - like time and distance hadn't even happened.

486.  thunderstorms in the early morning hours

487.  six weeks until a new baby boy

488. the sweet realization that God knows my baby boy's name, even now, before we have it figured out. 

489.  sweet fellowship of Bible Study

490.  a visit to Gramma and Grampa's on a Sunday evening for pizza and laughter

491.  rest

492.  Fridays - designated as project days, field trip days, and fun days for school learning.

493.  seeing friends - gone all summer - back to fellowship with us again.  :)

494.  My mother's reminder from my childhood - "The crickets are chirping... it's time for school!" 


Misty said...

i hope my boys are eager for school some day, too! :) we start our homeschooling this year (he's only 4 so it's still just getting our feet wet!)
i love that you know that He knows your little one's name. even if you don't! beautiful, b/cs it points to the Storymaker.

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful list! A week of school behind you, with a little rest, and Fridays!... rejoicing with you!


Anonymous said...

First Language Lessons! Story of the World! I recognize those... ;)

Congratulations on your first week down. 39 left to go. :) The end of the year seems SOOOO impossibly far away, and yet - it always comes like a blinding flash, doesn't it?

I'm celebrating old friends with you. I love those kind, the ones that you don't see for awhile then pick up right where you left off, not a blip. LOVE. IT.

I also love Ann's communities... they are so much fun. Thanks for stopping by and giving me the opportunity to come and meet you today.