Friday, August 20, 2010

Homeschooling: Our first project for 2010

This year we are starting to use a new curriculum. At the advice of a few friends who also really have enjoyed these treasures - we are using Story of the World - the Ancients - for History and much of our literature this year.  School is still only Monday through Thursday which leaves Friday open for field trips, adventures, and extra fun stuff not normally done throughout the week.

Today included our first fun extra thing that was an idea in the planning guide.  Since we are studying the Ancients, along with the Bible (being our most important resource), we had a "dirty dig" today.  Earlier in the week we learned about nomads and how they became farmers.  We also learned about archaeologists and what they study.  So my boys went treasure hunting in the sandbox out back, just like archaeologists,  to find various things that would be considered important in our culture that were buried there by years upon years of time - sands covering these items due fierce weather and harsh conditions... maybe even a volcano or two... okay - I just covered them up in the sandbox... but the kids had a ball.  They found coins, play tools, a play cell phone -( in a plastic baggie - so it would still work later),  pictures of an ipod, a tv, a computer, a few pencils, a few cars, a radio, and a few other things.  

They had a blast!  They loved finding hidden things.  They had so much fun that they stayed out for about an hour in the middle of the noonday heat just to bury and dig again!  Thankfully, our sandbox came equipped with an umbrella! 

So school is off to a tremendous start.  I can't wait to see what else we'll learn this year!

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Heather said...

Oh, fun, fun, fun!! We SO loved SOTW (volume 1 especially)... hope every week to come is as exciting as the first!

Have a super weekend, and I'll chat with you soon!!