Monday, September 27, 2010

1000 Gifts: Gratitude- Even When It's Tough

505.   Mondays, a fresh start to a new week, even if it means an extra set of husband hands have gone back to work.

506.  Rain - watering the earth with God's refreshing goodness... a day inside instead of playing outdoors

507.  God's refining fire... uncomfortable to this stubborn metal... but eventually used to reflect His face - if I am willing - after the dross has been removed

508.  God's love for me being so deep that He yearns to transform me into being more like His Son - even though it can be full of pain and strife at times

509. My son's memory verse for last week reminding me that "All discipline seems not joyful at the time, but sorrowful; yet for those trained by it, afterward it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness." Hebrew 12:11

510.  Gramma visits:  for field trips, watching the boys for doctor visits, and giving Mom and Dad a time just to get out to be together.

511.  A new refrigerator... given by a friend - God's provision for our family.

512.  Recognizing that accepting stress is a choice - and instead basking in God's command to "Be still."

513.  Trusting that the Almighty will not give me more than I can handle... even when my wits seem at their end.

514.  A deep breath

515. God's grace liberally given to that I may give it in return.

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Heather said...

"A deep breath"... know that I'm *breathing* with you, my friend. It's been one of THOSE days, so I know exactly where you are :)

Sending lots of love and giant hugs and prayers for a reunion with all 5 of you later this fall! (or will it be 6?? I'm still not convinced that there isn't a #4 hiding in there :) Love you!