Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Homeschooling: Project number 2

We have been in school for four weeks now.  It's quite hard to believe.  It seems like we just started yesterday, but almost a month has passed,  and we are well on our way into our studies.

One thing that we really have had fun with is our Story of the World Activities.  There are so many cool ideas.  I have left Fridays open for field trips and activities - and boy, have we been busy!

Our first project was the archaeological dig.  The boys loved it.  Which leads us to our most recent project --- flooding the Nile River.  We gathered materials and made a Nile River replica after studying it during the week.  We added rocks for the mountainous area and lined the riverbed with some pebbles to keep the foil (which was the river) from floating.

Yet again - another "knock it out of the park" project.  Both my boys loved it.  What was even more exciting was to see the "crops" grow.  The flooding worked.  The crops were bountiful.  Another project successful.   (Thanks Heather and Kit for a great recommendation in this book!) 

This week we are looking at Joseph. I think that a coat of many colors is on the agenda... we'll see.

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Traci Michele said...

So cool! So creative!