Monday, December 20, 2010

1000 Gifts: God With Us

Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel!

Have you ever really stopped and considered what these words mean? The enormity of the concept of God leaving His throne to be born in a barn among the animals?  It was probably pretty cold.  The stench of the animal dung lingering in the air... no place for a baby - much less a King Creator who spoke everything into existence! 
God with us - every. day.  Every step we take, every decision - be it wise or foolish - He is with us.  While we are alone and hurting or celebrating and joyful - God remains with us.
Counting on that truth today.

583 - 600.
~an early snowfall - God's reminder that we are as unique as the fallen snowflakes - no two alike.

~ a Christmas cookie exchange with a friend - time with ladies who love Jesus
~walking into Bible Study and having friends loving on the new baby
~ homemade pumpkin bread from generous friends
~God knitting together friendships that are eternal
~impromptu taco dinners 
~hearing my oldest whisper to my youngest "God loves you!"
~being a tv star - if only for a day and helping out some folks in a bind
~God blessing something that I wasn't looking forward to by making it fun just like I asked Him
~meeting new people and falling into friendships with them - with our KING being the common thread
~ a sweet sister - organizer extraordinaire - who came over to help me purge and stage
~the tree finally up - the blessing of a new (to us) prelit tree - for much less than we expected

~ my Jesus - healing my hurts, being with me, removing "log jams" - making it more able for me to hear Him.
~ already two months old - our quiet time together - nursing then talking about all sorts of secret things. 

~my awesome husband - completing a tedious task so I don't have to - Jeremy, you are AWESOME!
~remembering that I am called to think on "Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, or excellent or praiseworthy!"
~ our oldest's first ever Christmas program - hearing songs over and over - practicing and worship - and our oldest grasping the true concept of what Christmas means.

~ a song in Bible Study - a new Christmas favorite - bringing tears to this momma's eyes - to think of the love of a Savior  - God with us!


Heather said...

Two months... two months???! Seriously??! Wowza... I really must get my hands on that boy before he grows too big for lovey-squeezes!!

Hope you guys have a wonderful week-- headed to C-ville right now but then back and forth and back and forth between now and Christmas. Will try to call very soon-- *want* to catch up and make plans fo New Years... I hope :)

Much love,

Danielle said...

Thanks for stopping by! Your little one is adorable!!!!