Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Matthew's Begats

One of the pastors of our church sang this with his family at a luncheon yesterday.  Usually he has a scroll on stage and as the song is sung the kids unroll the scroll to show the names of Jesus' lineage.  I love this song and will someday memorize it with my boys.

The reason for the memorization is to remember that God's grace is abundant in allowing several, who were, by human standards, unworthy to be in the lineage of the KING of KINGS!  But only by God's infinite grace did He include harlots, murderers, and commoners in his lineage! And to remember that He was born for me!

Take a listen!


Heather said...

Very, very cool! And I LOVE that banjo~~ Perhaps Jeremy should take up a new instrument... you know, in all his spare time :)

amy said...

i like your new banner pics!