Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Longing for home

Out of the woodwork - here I am again.  It's been a long time since my last entry.  School, three boys, and life, in general, has kept me too busy to blog.  But let me fill you in on the last few months.  We wake up, do school, eat, play, have dinner, wash up, and go to bed.  Not much really has happened that is all too exciting.  We have had the occasional outing - a trip to the beach - we've already had two this year - fun!  Also - we again participated in the Walk for Life, so dear to my heart.  I'll try to blog on that later - I have some awesome pictures of the boys.  And we started a garden.  That has probably been our biggest thing this spring.  A four bed raised garden.  (That is also picture worthy - and will be an entry in and of itself in days to come.)  

But today is about a longing.  A longing deep within just to be home.  Do you ever get it?  Home - not back to where you grew up, or where your parents live - but for Home - our final destination, if you are a follower of Christ.  Heaven.  That beautiful place where there are no more tears, or pain.  No more sin.  No more temptation... just praise. All. the. timePraise to the glorious King who is sovereign and reigns forever.  Praise to the One who is not confined to time and space.  Praise to the Savior who shed His innocent blood to redeem a wretch like me.  Praise to my Rescuer, my Friend, my Comforter, my Hope, my Creator, my God, my Life.  How I long for Home.  Today, with every thing in me. I long for home.  

In the run around craziness that is my life, right now - I sit and am still.  I long for home.  Waiting for the day.  Until then I can only stand and fight.  and live.

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Heather said...

With you, my friend... every step of the way.

Love you to pieces,