Tuesday, September 13, 2011

1000 Gifts: Random

I know that I missed Monday, again.  We were busy getting ready to have no school on Tuesday because we had a full schedule Tuesday...not at the house.  We spent the full day at church today... having some Eucharisteo.  And as God would have it... hearing about Eucharisteo from a friend who spoke at a ladies' luncheon.  I love how the Father brings to the front things on which HE really yearns for us to focus!

So I continue my counting... no pictures today... just counting... but thankful, all the same.


*the Father providing relationships that encourage us to look more like Him
*hearing about Eucharisteo at church
*striving to stop sinning in my grumbling
*hearing my sweet littles singing praises and quoting Scripture when they don't know I'm listening
*the fact that my littles are "getting IT"
*boys sharing cookies with friends
*my sweet friend finding out "It's a girl!"
*a friend returning from AR - it's about time!
*being encouraged
*knowing my Father sings sweetly over me (Zeph 3:17)
*a new ministry opportunity
*somehow finding grace in even the yucky stuff

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Heather said...

Grace in the yucky stuff.... now isn't THAT the trick??! Learning & growing right along with you, my friend! And rejoicing too in gifts :)

((hugs)) from Virginia! And much love, too!

Heather said...

I meant *northern* Virginia... bc/ you're in "VA" too :)