Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First day of school - not really

Well - I've been encouraged to take pictures of the first day of school.  Normally, any mom would be doing this, right?  Because I never sent my kids off on a bus, because I never dropped them off at the door or picked them up at the end of the day I never thought to take pictures if we were just staying at home for school.  

This year I remembered only after seeing everyone else posting first day of school pictures on Facebook.  So I laid out clothes last night. Told the boys that first thing in the morning they were to get dressed because we were taking First Day of School pictures.  After the funny looks and the explanation was finished (because today is actually our 13th day of school) we were ready.  This morning we walked out the door, my camera in hand to capture the "almost" first day of school.  As soon as we were finished I marched myself back in to the house and wrote on my calendar for next August..."Don't forget first day pictures. "  :) 

Here they are... second grade and almost Kindergarten. Here's to another year of homeschooling!

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Heather said...

Wow, look at those handsome young men!! How quickly they're growing, G!!! Where HAS the time gone???

Hope you guys have had a tremendous week! We're off to a semi-decent start; hope to find our groove next week... since it's not quite time for spring break :)

Give hugs to all, and come and visit anytime!! Our door is always open, and the Big Black Beast is-- as you noted-- not going anywhere. Perhaps your crew would enjoy a punch or two :)