Sunday, December 21, 2008

So Proud!

It's Sunday evening. Eleven o'clock. You'd think that'd I'd be folding laundry, getting ready for another day of work tomorrow, or even sleeping in bed. No, I just walked in the door with my 2 year old. We just returned from the Children's Hospital Emergency room. Why? you ask. Diagnosis.... foreign object in the left nostril. Yes, my child shoved something up his nose. We couldn't tell exactly what it was. He said "mommy, crayon, my nose." It wasn't a crayon. It looked like a band-aid. Whatever it was it had the stench of decaying matter. That was part of how the story started.

Jeremy and I came home from our weekend trip and Chops smelled funny. We thought that maybe his teeth hadn't been brushed. We brushed his teeth and then gave him a bath. He still smelled funny. Just as Jeremy was brushing his teeth getting him ready to be tucked in, Chops said, "Crayon, my nose." I grabbed a flashlight, Jeremy held him, and there it was. So I was off to the emergency room. Exactly where I wanted to be for almost 3 hours on a Sunday night.

I guess it's just what happens when you're the mom of a 2 year old boy.


Heather said...

You know what? Big Man did this not too long ago (and he's a *lot* older than Chops!)-- he stuck a little bead up his nose so Chris ended up at the ER w/ him, as well. Fun, fun, fun!

Hope you had a super, relaxing weekend!

Love you,

Shannon said...

Correction my friend...mothers of boys are not the only ones to share the honor of foreign objects up the nose...ending with an all expenses paid trip to the ER.