Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's been a while

11 days. It's been eleven days since my last post. For a long time I was posting at least 3-4 times a week. The Christmas season hit, and it feels like a lifetime since I've posted. So much has happened in eleven days. Now my crisis is where do I begin?

Last Friday Monkey had a field trip that I was able to chaperone. Jeremy and I both went and met his class at the Winter Wonderland. It was quite a display. They were able to see a live Nativity, complete with all of the stable animals including camels and donkeys. The kids had a blast, and I enjoyed seeing how much my little boy is growing by listening to his teachers, following directions, and being part of a class.

Last Saturday we sojourned out to fell our Christmas tree. Before we trekked out to the farm we stopped by my school for a visit with the man in red. The boys each saw Santa and told them what they would like for Christmas. After that we drove out with snacks in the van and headed out to cut down our tree. We arrived at about 12 and searched for about 1 hour. The weather couldn't have been better. There was a chill in the air - perfect for Christmas tree hunting. The sun was shining, the sky blue, and the energy in the air was filled with the excitement of Christmas. Monkeyman helped Jeremy cut down the tree. Chops ran around in the fields, and mom got pictures for the Christmas card. It was a Christmas miracle - everyone looked at the camera for the picture! Praise the LORD!

Today, after having a quick lunch of leftovers we were preparing to put the boys down for a nap. Jeremy was already putting Monkey down in his bed. Chops was finishing his food. When his bowl was empty he put it on top of his head. I was away from the table and spotted him. I guess he was trying to be accepting of all faiths, and decided to see how it would feel to be Jewish. It was one of those "so proud" moments. I couldn't pass up the photo opportunity - however gave him a stern talking to afterward about not putting dishes on his head.

Oy vey!

So that, in a nutshell, has been the past eleven days. So much more has happened there is not enough time or space on the computer to tell. I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. I just gave my fingers a much needed rest. Now - it's on to blogging the rest of December.

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mamaz223 said...

. . . And, as I recall . . . you wanted 3 boys!?!?!?! Is that still a desire of yours? Hmm, I think that deserves some RETHINKING!!!!!!!! Your boys are about as lively as they come . . . more excitement you don't need!