Friday, May 22, 2009

Divine Appointments

On Tuesday, I was invited to a monthly luncheon at our church. I am not usually able to attend due to only having a half hour lunch, however, I took off of work early and came at the request of my friend who happened to be speaking that day. My friend invited me to sit with her, which - if you are familiar with Let's Do Lunch, is a cool place to be - because it's up at the front. Let's Do Lunch always sells out quickly!

Well, Tuesday's Let's Do Lunch date was a DIVINE APPOINTMENT. For anyone who understands how the LORD Almighty works - it was no coincidence why I was there. DIVINE appointments are God's appointments. God had purposefully arranged for me to be there to hear the message my friend was planning on giving. Funny enough, I think she was in on it being aware of the decisions going on in my life and family currently.

Her story was moving! It was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. I was moved to tears, not only because of how far God had brought her to make the HUGE decisions that she and her family were making (moving to seminary and then to the mission field), but also in realizing that God is calling me to obedience in what HE is asking me to do.

My friend and her husband have sold most of their things and will be leaving to go to a dangerous place all for Christ. They felt God's call. It was not an easy decision. It seems quite foolish to some. Many acts of obedience to God seem foolish at the time, Noah's building of the ark, walking through the Red Sea, getting out of a boat to walk on water, and bathing in the Jordan river seven times. The point being, if God asks it of you, it is not foolish. It's obedience.

Thanks Deanna - you inspire me to grow closer to God and to trust Him for all He's worth!

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