Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Last week during school we learned about flowers in science. The curriculum material suggested I buy a rose and have "the student take it apart." We did better than that. We live in a city with a great botanical garden.. or beetanical garden - as Chopsy likes to call it. What's even better is that we have a free membership because my mother-in-law works there.

Friday morning I packed a picnic lunch, ran some errands, and then by 11 we were at the gardens to investigate. We gazed at flowers and insects doing just what God had ordained them to do. Bumble bees danced from flower to flower not even noticing our presence. Butterflies floated on the warm summer breeze. A butterfly mistook my Monkey for a flower in the Butterfly Garden, landing on him for just a few moments and then fluttering away. There were caterpillars, eggs, butterflies galore there. We walked all around the garden until our tummies grumbled with hunger for some yummy treats. After playing in the children's garden under the fountains we headed to the parking lot to change clothes and then sit on the hill to watch the planes take off from the local airport while enjoying our favorite lunches. Flowers, water play, bugs, lunches, watching planes take off, and just the opportunity to spend time with my two precious blessings! What could be better!

Monkey and Chops crossing the bridge into the garden.

What boy can resist throwing rocks into a fountain?

A bumble bee busy at work

Even the sky displayed God's splendor

A secret resting place under a huge Magnolia tree. Monkey found it.
It was unseen from the walk - just goes to show it pays to explore!

Playing in the fountains at the children's garden.


Careful steps!

And one last look...until the next time.

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Heather said...

Field trips are the best-- that's when learning really comes alive!!

So glad you all had fun~ looks like it was a beautiful day, and of course, the addition of p.e. in the fountains just puts the icing on the cake :)

Missing you bunches~