Monday, October 4, 2010

1000 gifts: Countless blessings

A new month to celebrate more gifts... gifts given so freely by my Creator 

516. Cooler fall temperatures.

517.  God's hand of protection over our house during wind, rain, and tornado warnings.

518.  Dinner brought by a friend - to help out a momma tired from a long day.

519.  Dinner with the girls - laughter hard enough to put me in to labor... almost.

520. Much needed appointments on a Sunday morning - first in Bible study, then again in service...God drawing me nearer to Him.

521.  Conviction by the Holy Spirit 

522. Hearing God's voice

523. A beautiful Saturday - perfect for cleaning the house and a mantown adventure hike in the woods.

524.  A homeschool mom who stopped over with her crew and a dissected frog to show my boys - how cool!

525.  A Sunday afternoon nap on a cold and rainy day.

526.  Baked oatmeal

527.  Crockpot meals made in the morning... ready to eat in the evening.

528. Earning a black belt - a long awaited goal - now accomplished!

529. A new sport to try - and a coach and teammates who love Jesus - the most important thing!

530. HOPE! 

For these and so many more... I give thanks.

1 comment:

Heather said...

Awesome list, G! LOVE the pictures of the boys... can't you slow them down (the growing, that is... they're WAY too big!!)

Hope you have a wonderful week... and possibly, a very productive week (thinking labor thoughts here :) Can't wait to hear that "it's time!"-- can't wait to love on that new little tyke. Love you tons! Sitting on pins & needles here~