Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1000 Gifts: Summer recap

So I've been gone all summer... doing things... golly - we did so much. I was so busy that I neglected to blog all summer... and I didn't count.  I didn't count the blessings. So-

On a day when things have been a struggle... school still isn't finished and it's 2:50 here (we're usually finished by noon - if that says anything)

On a day when I feel like giving up to trudge back to the comfy warmth of my bed....

On a day when all I can do is pray for the strength to take another step in the long race I have to run...

I continue to count! Why? Because it takes my focus off of my struggles and focuses my attention on the ONE who is higher.  It elevates my head from the downward/inward fight... to the glorious King who has already conquered!

And I continue on... praising and giving thanks - because it's been way too long!

A husband willing to put together a garden in the spring heat
Dirty fingers
A brow filled with sweat
A late spring day to play outside - hinting of summer
Walk for Life
Painted Faces
Walking with friends
God's creatures
A visit from GrammaHio
Vacation Bible School
Mission VBS at St. Mary's Home for Disabled Children
The first harvest
Seeing old friends
swimteam cheers
doing your best
summer showers leading to its bounty
fresh veggies grown ourselves
the excitement of finding fruit you didn't think was successful
garden friends
visits home
first roller coaster rides
a wet Aunt who rides the log flume 3 times in a row
playing with a cousin in the pool in the backyard
watching kids squirt each other in the face while wearing swimming masks
the progression from sitting to crawling... FAST!
silly brother pictures

botanical garden mazes
a party for Great Grandma - 93 years! Whew!
pirates playing on hurricane days

This, of course, is just a bit of our summer.  We have already started school - we are on our second week , and I am looking forward to the structure that the fall brings.  So I keep counting... won't you join me?

so I'm a day late... I at least started it on Monday. :)

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