Monday, February 2, 2009


There are many times, in all areas of my life, when I feel misunderstood. There are days when I wish that someone else would walk in my shoes - just to get a taste of what one day is like. I am not wishing a different life. I am truly blessed with my life. I have a loving husband and two beautiful boys. I am blessed with a job that I enjoy and coworkers who are truly supportive. I have the privilege of loving children that are not typically developing - hopefully showing them and their parents the love of Jesus in the process.

Is it unfair for me to ask to be understood? Sometimes I think that it is. However, I know of One who understands exactly what I am experiencing on a much grander scale. It is at these times that I understand that I have NO RIGHT to ask to be understood, when Jesus left a beautifully perfect place where He was in perfect communion with His Father. He came to a place fully lost - inhabited by those He created - who didn't know Him, didn't recognize Him, didn't accept Him. Even those who were closest to Him didn't get it. How frustrated was He? Yet - He loved us. He loved me.

Instead of lashing out at me because I don't get it... He loving waits for me to get it and teaches me daily - lessons that are, unfortunately, repeated way too often. I am sinful. Living with sinful people.
It is no wonder that they may not get it.

I just praise the LORD that HE gets it. I can take comfort in the fact that HE gets it. Praise Him. He is worthy!

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