Monday, February 9, 2009

Monkey takes Karate!

Finally, some pictures of my monkey and his new sport. A few weeks ago I finally got myself together and took my Monkey to start something new. Hubby and I had been talking for a while about Monkey's need to expend some more energy and decided karate would be a great outlet. We've heard A LOT of positive things about karate. This dojo is currently called Karate for Christ. In a few weeks it will change it's name to Savior Martial Arts.

I have been nothing less than impressed everytime I go. The instructors are great with the kids. They are very patient and energetic with the students. Monkey asks everyday if we can go to karate (we only have class 2 days a week). It definitely says something to a mom if your child is asking to go somewhere (especially something new) everyday.

My new karate kid won't EARN his first belt for a few weeks. The nice thing is that students not only earn belts with good behavior, good manners, and appropriate skills at class, but also good behavior and good manners at school and home. The sensei explained to the Monkster that he (the sensei) would be asking mom and dad how he is doing at home and at school too. Love it! Hopefully, this will provide some carry over.

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