Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Time to Rest

It's amazing. I never knew why my mom always was going. I figured that it was just something she "did" as mom. Never did I think that I would come to do the same thing as a wife and mom.

From the time I enter the house I'm picking up toys, shoes, chairs, papers, bags of school things, and whatever else needs to be moved to its proper place. The funny thing - 24 hours later - I'm doing the same thing all over again - with the same stuff. Somehow these items find their ways back to their spots - on the floor, on the furniture, everywhere.

That is just one area of my life that keeps me going. Sometimes I feel like I don't sit until 10pm. Well - the running has gotten me into trouble. Not taking care of myself got me a dose of pneumonia. I finally went to the dr. last night. She listened to my lungs and said it didn't sound good. The good news was there was no crackling sounds - ruling out bronchitis. The bad news was she heard wheezing. Prescribing me an antibiotic and a chest xray - she sent me on my way - to Target to fill the prescription.

When I got home - I ate my dinner, sat for an hour to watch a tv show, and then got up to do the dishes. You'd think I'd learn something. :) Jeremy finished them for me while I ushered myself off to bed. I slept comfortably and then got up to go to work. I stayed for a half day and then left. So, here I sit in my jammies and slippers, eating soup and winding down, finally taking a time to rest.

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Heather said...

Get some sleep, girl!! And if that doesn't work, try a run to Bruesters.... it always worked for me :)

Praying for you here~