Friday, August 21, 2009

Ho Hum

I enjoy blog surfing. It's a hobby that I have only been doing for about a year now. At the advice of my best friend, who started blogging, I even started blogging, charting the adventures of our family. I always enjoy seeing what friends are up to, learning more about subjects in which I am interested, and looking back and seeing the memorial stones set up reminding me of what God has done in my life.

Reading bits and pieces of what is going on in the lives of my favorite bloggers keeps me in touch. It's definitely not my preferred way of communication. I am truly a phone call/visit type of gal - but honestly, life does not afford me the opportunity to sit down and chat or even visit often with my favorite bloggers since they have kidlets who are busy going here and there, my kidlets are growing and busy with activities, and too many physical miles lay between us for a "stop over and chat" opportunity.

I am blessed, though, to keep up with the "goings on" of sweet friends through email, blogging, and other electronic methods. It just can't be compared to a visit - to be in the presence of a kindred heart sharing precious moments and memories.

Heather - Know that you are missed. I read your blog this morning and just missed you lots.

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Heather said...

Would "ditto" be too lame a word choice??

I miss you gobs, dear friend. Oh, how I could use a chocolate raspberry truffle waffle cone right now and an hour or two (or seven) with my bff!

Know that you are missed terribly, that you're daily in my prayers, and that one day soon, we *will* get together... even if we have to meet in Richmond to do it :)

sending much love from all,