Tuesday, August 4, 2009


So today my goal was to hit the floor running to check things off of my list. I planned to take the boys with me to do some homeschool supply shopping. Even when you're homeschooling you need things like pencils, paper, binders, erasers, and other schooly stuff. So our journey began to 2 drugstores and 2 office supply stores. We saved a bundle. I was so proud of how much money I saved. The boys did pretty well considering that we went to 4 stores in a little less than 1 1/2 hours.
Here is a picture of some of the things I bought. I LOVE a great bargain!

My other goal was to actually get ready and sit down to plan my curriculum. Being new to this homeschool thing I'm kind of nervous that it's this late in the game and I don't have my curriculum planned out yet. Thankfully, my monkey is really smart. This year will be a huge learning curve for both of us. I am blessed that he is not even in school yet, but is already reading. He enjoys reading (I think) and loves being read to. I have even caught him reading to his younger brother once or twice. Chops ate that right up.

So with no hard fast curriculum to stick to, I have yet to sit to write any plans. I envisioned getting started at least by next Monday, however, without plans - it's sort of hard to teach. I feel very discombobulated. Before, everything had a very defined start and stop date. My head is having a hard time wrapping itself around all of the choices. I still have to remember that this is Kindergarten. There is NO rule that says we can't change plans, join two different methods together, or ditch stuff that isn't working. That is one of the beauties of homeschooling. I just have to convince my brain that it's okay to do. (Amazing how habitual we humans are).

Back to the originial point - since I didn't have an opportunity to write lessons, my goal, while the boys were down for rest, was to clean one room of the house per day - because every mom knows that it is a lesson in futility to try to clean while everyone is awake and at home. It's like a chasing after the wind. I had even set up a plan to go by to keep me up to date on my chores. Today was to thoroughly attack the kitchen. Instead, I sat down at my computer and started blog hopping. Big mistake. It all started with my best friend's blog - I always check her's first. Then hopped to a blog she keeps up with, then another blog, and another. The next thing I realize, my 5 year old is finished with his rest. He just walked out the door of his room, and here I sit, typing about my adventures blog hopping with not one thing done to the kitchen. Oh well. Out comes the other one. I guess the kitchen will just have to wait until tomorrow. :)

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Heather said...

You know, I've given up on my kitchen b/c as soon as I get it cleaned, somebody's in there dirtying it up again... like you said... a lesson in futility! Of course, if I take it too far, I can apply that to the laundry and the bedrooms and the bathrooms and the van... you know what I mean :)

Anyhoo--- whatever happened to your Sonlight plans?? I though you were using Core K?

And worry not about starts and stops-- just like you said... the beauty is in the flexibility :)

Love the new look-- keep the photos coming!

Much love,