Sunday, December 27, 2009

1000 Gifts: A Successful Christmas

When I say we had a successful Christmas it sounds a bit odd.  This year our family really tried to focus on the fact that the GIFT of Christmas is Jesus and the reason we exchange gifts is a representation of the greatest gift we have ever been given - namely the opportunity for salvation through Him!  My boys didn't receive nearly as much - 3 gifts each - 2 of 6 gift total are shared gifts for them.  But seeing their eyes and hearts just as excited about making a birthday cake for Jesus as opening Christmas gifts was a real blessing for this momma.  So here are my 1000 gifts continued...

0112.  The simplicity of Christmas - remembering our true GIFT given by our Heavenly Father to last forever - never rusting or breaking.

0113.  Cookies by the dozen, made, wrapped, and shared with friends

0114.  Phone calls from far away - the closest that family hearts can get - but knowing that we're tied by something much more lasting.

0115. our quiet Christmas night - sleepy heads nodding off to sleep - a very busy day and a new one to come with just as much excitement

0116.  helping pack up a kindred spirit - my friend Susan - feeling the call to obedience and heeding it even though she really doesn't desire to go... what a testimony!

0117.  lunch at Chick-fil-A with the moving crew - all members of our church family - coming out to help a sister and say goodbye with one last meal.

0118.  seeing old friends at church from "past life experiences" and inviting them to join us for Bible Study... a glimpse of God's beautiful tapestry that connects us time and again even though we haven't seen each other in ages.

0119.  experiencing the truth that God NEVER changes... even though my actions and beliefs sometimes reflect the contrary.

0120.  a wound being not as serious as it could have been on December 23rd... a kind ER doctor who was the best thing for my 3 year old boy

0121.  crashing out during a breathing treatment -  in new pjs

0122.  sharing fun places with childhood friends - sharing the day at a familiar hang out with new exhibits.

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Ikken said...

Those babies are so cute. I wish can be like them :) admire your life. It is beautiful.