Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Mary Moment

Do you ever wonder sometimes why God is doing what He is doing?  Not questioning His sovereignty or His authority... but just wonder why He chooses those He does?  Like Mary - I'm sure she had a lot of questions.  Not disbelieving the Father's capability to do what He did - but being surprised that He chose her.  Why her?  She was from a poor family.  She was just a teenager.  She was just - Mary. I'm sure she wondered what He saw in her.  She was sinful just like the rest of humanity.  She was just another girl.

But that's what is so God.  He used the least of these to bring about some of His biggest miracles.  Take just a second and think about it.  He used Abraham and Sarah in their late 90s to have their first child that would eventually bring a Savior to humanity.  He used Gideon and an army of 300 to defeat a mighty Midianite army. He used David, a common shepherd boy, to defeat a giant and later become king of the children of Israel.

God takes people who are willing to be used.  They may be confused misfits - but because of sin - aren't we all?  God is looking for those whom He can use.  Those He uses must be pliable to His molding.  The more stiff the clay the more it needs to be worked.  Being worked clay is tough.  Obedient clay can be formed into vessels used for a purpose, otherwise the clay might as well be a pile of dirt on the ground to be trampled.

My desire is to be a beautiful vessel that the Lord would want to put on His dinner table, as it were.  You know - the kind that is precious to its Owner.  And from my vessel I want to flow pure Living Water... you know the kind... the kind that was described in the Gospel of John when Jesus met the woman at the well.  I want from my life to flow easily and freely the gift of Living Water that Jesus gives to those who are lost without Him.  

But sometimes when I see how HE is working in my life I wonder... why me?  What can He do with me?  The answer - if I have an obedient heart and attitude - is whatever He wants.  May it be so.

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