Friday, December 18, 2009

I need a Mentor

 Reading... love it.  Unfortunately, too much time is lost doing other things - settling arguments, cleaning, folding laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, cleaning - you get the picture.  Every so often a book grabs me and, against my better judgment (in pushing things aside) I read. 

Wednesday I started a book that a friend loaned me (Thanks Amy).  I gobbled this book up in one day.  All 220 pages of it.  Of course I was up until about 1:30 am and paid the price the next day, however, it was definitely worth it!  It is the basis for the journey the Hwy 30 Bible Study group on Sunday mornings will be taking this upcoming year.  Lately, our teacher has been really getting into meat about studying the Bible - you know - PERSONAL Bible study.  Not using another source and the Bible as a reference, not just reading to read, but STUDY!

Now - growing up in church all my life you may think that this would come pretty easily to me.  WRONG!  I was a great student throughout elementary school all the way through my masters degree - I should know how to study, right? WRONG!  I just didn't have the right tools. I lacked consistency. I would start strong and then after a few months life would happen.  I would miss a few days and then feel defeated and slack off altogether.  The enemy won.  He told me a lie and I believed it. 

Well - I can no longer say that.  After reading this book I have a whole new appreciation for Bible Study. This book gave an easy to follow set of tools. Our awesome Bible Study teacher found a reading plan to read through the Bible in a year and has encouraged us to find a "road warrior" or accountability partner to meet with once a week to review what the LORD has said to us. Together they are a recipe for success.  And after much prayer I have given this battle over to the LORD and I will have success because my goal is NOT to read - it's to become closer to Jesus.  I want to know everything about HIM.  I want to know what HE wants me to do. 

The author states that 80% of what you do anyone could do, 15% of what you do someone else could do if they were trained. Which leaves 5%.  That 5% of what you do can ONLY be done by you.  Only you can be a spouse to your husband/wife, only you can be a mom to your kids, only you can grow yourself spiritually through being in the Word (by saying this I am in no way saying that you can grow spiritually without the Holy Spirit), etc.  We are solely responsible for the last 5%. It certainly puts into perspective what is important in the grand scheme of things.

It's for that last 5 percent that each of us will be held accountable in that great and final day. It's the last 5 percent that will determine the depth of influence we will have on the generations after us.  It's the last 5 percent that will decide how joyful our marriage will be and how genuine our legacy is.                       

-Wayne Cordeiro, The Divine Mentor

Wow!  When I consider what my role is with future generations of my family and others that I am in contact with I am humbled and motivated.  I want to be one who points to Jesus throughout generations.  I want my grandchildren and great grandchildren to speak of what a godly woman I was - not for my glory - but so that they may know Jesus and love Him with all of their hearts.

So the journey starts January 1.  I have my tools ready (pen, Bible, journal, planner, and my Bible reading plan).  I can't wait.  By next year I will be close to being finished with my first year.  I am so excited to see what the LORD has shared with me through HIS word... through experiencing the heroes and villains of the Bible.

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Heather said...

I've added it to the top of my ever-growing book list... thanks for the recommendation, G! (Any others?? Please pass them along, too :)