Monday, May 17, 2010

1000 gifts: The Beginning of Unofficial Summer

We have completed the first year of homeschooling in our house.  What an accomplishment!  Ironically, for this former teacher, I was intimidated by the idea of teaching my own children at home.  But what fun it was - I loved watching both my boys learn, grow, and experience.  Without faith and obedience I would have never had the blessing of staying at home to teach my blessings!

350.  The official wrap up of the first year of school at home! Wahoo!!

351.  Walking with a friend in the morning

352.  Washing the feet of a family - by taking them dinner - serving them and glorifying Jesus

353.  Hubby riding a bike to work

354.  The chance to finally get my house thoroughly clean again.

355. Back to our Sunday evening ritual - time at the park after rest

356.  Teaching our 6 year old to ride his bike without training wheels

357.  A chat with my mom

358.  Finally getting a novel read for my own enjoyment! 

359.  The rearrangement of our backyard - removal of a fence to make a bigger space

360.  Being invited to the wedding of a former Sunday School student... blessings on both sides of teaching - before - the opportunity for relationship and teaching God's Word - now - being honored and remembered as we were invited to his special day.

361.  Seeing young men and women we used to teach all grown up with families of their own.

362.  The passage of time and the learning and growth that comes with it

For these and many others I give thanks!

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Heather said...

The fence gone?? Hallelujah!

The house clean?? Hallelujah!

The book read?? Hallelujah!

And for so many others... hallelujah! God is so good-- rejoicing with you today, precious friend! And anxiously awaiting your call-- shouldn't you be checking in w/ Dr. M. soon?? I'm still waiting (and not all that patiently, mind you) for that whole pink or blue verdict :)