Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Is your Jesus too small?

I heard this question the other day.  I was at Bible Study Fellowship, and it came up during lecture.  I had to think a minute and ponder.  Since that time the question has been on my heart.

Last week we FINALLY got into the resurrection of my sweet Jesus after studying His suffering and death on the cross for about 3 weeks.  This was even after we actually celebrated Easter Sunday... which meant I had been pondering Jesus' sacrificial suffering and death for a month.  It seemed a hard thing to do to concentrate on Jesus' betrayal, suffering, and death for a month... oh, how I was ready to move on... move on to the GLORIOUS RESURRECTION!!!!  

But isn't that just how we operate?  I know that I think about Jesus' suffering and death occasionally.  I have to.  My sins placed Him there.  He paid the price for my sins!  But a month?  Really?  Shameful, isn't it?  I'm so ready to move on to the happy rejoicing of the resurrection that I have trouble focusing on Christ's death and resurrection for a month.

Now, back to the topic... the question at hand came up when Mary Magdalene was at Jesus' tomb... searching for His body, her plan was to continue covering it in spices since Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea didn't finish because of the Sabbath celebration to begin. So Mary was at the tomb... looking to serve her Lord the only way she knew how at the moment.  Unrecognized, Jesus asks her why she is crying.  Through her tears and utter grief she explains that she is looking for her Lord. Supposing Jesus is the gardener, she begs for His body willing to do anything to get it back.

Our lecturer noted that Mary's estimation of Jesus was too small.  She didn't expect the Man standing in front of her to be Jesus, her RISEN LORD!  She totally missed it.  Whether through her tears she didn't see Him or her grief blinded her heart to the truth, Mary missed it.  UNTIL!  Jesus called her by name!  All He had to say. was. her. name!

Praise God that He still calls us by name today!  He is just. that. personal.  

So the question remains... is your Jesus too small for what He desires to accomplish in you?  Is He too small to rescue you from the pit?  Is He too small to save your loved ones?  Is He too small to care for your family?

If He isn't too small to raise the dead, or to heal the lame. If He isn't too small to feed 5,000 men or walk on water.  If He isn't too small to resist temptation, even on the cross or to be RAISED. FROM. THE. DEAD.  He isn't too small!

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Heather said...

Love it, G... thank you!! I don't think I can hear that reminder too many times :)