Monday, January 17, 2011

1000 Gifts: More of Life

 Over a year ago I began a journey of counting 1000 gifts.  Every Monday making a list of how God has blessed me... a running list of graces.  The gal who began the whole journey wrote a book coming out today, if not, very soon... about how to count God's graces, and why to count God's graces... to look to the blessings that are just that, as well as the hardships that the Maker turns into blessings...and my list goes on...


~ A challenge:  Hiding the entire book of Philippians in my heart in 2011 with our church family!

~ another stretch of 7 hours of sleep

~ ice cream sundaes

~ a few hours of time to clean on a Saturday

~ clutter free rooms

~ homeschooling in jammies

~our littlest man singing in church - even after the music has stopped

~ homemade ginger cookies

~ an impromptu change of plans to say good-bye to a friend going on missions

~ rainy days

~ my mother-in-law teaching me how to be an excellent mother-in-law by example

~ a friend's sweet reminder "No battle. No victory." 

~ a new Bible Study

~God speaking

~ laying it down

~ "You can be as wrong as wrong can be..."

~ a new book

~ Every morning You are faithful...

~ creating a new compost bin

~ library books and a new challenge - gardening

~ reading about champions of the faith with my boys

~late nights - all is quiet- dreaming boys, sleeping husband, thankful mom

 ~ counting to 1000 and beyond - gifts of grace, mercy, and joy that the Father has so lovingly bestowed on this sinful creature... the one He loves out of none of my merit... except that He created me and I am His!

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