Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Major Homeschool Project: #2

A long time ago, like back at the beginning of the year, I started a journey of doing "fun things" that tied in to our lessons... remember the archaeological dig?  Back in August?  Well, we kind of got side tracked when we really got into the swing... and then there was the baby that I had in October - which really threw me off.  I seemed to get into the "check it off the list" mode, instead of the - this is really fun to do and they are still learning mode.

BUT now we are back!  Last week while learning about Crete we also learned about an island that was inhabited called Thera.  Thera was a volcanic island... obviously, the people had to leave when the volcano began to erupt.  The people living on Crete left also because the two were so close together.  Crete was covered in ash, and the crops had all died. So the inhabitants left also.

So as a project we created a volcano.  A little plaster of paris, a little paint, a little water, some baking soda, food coloring, vinegar, and dish soap - and of course, two VERY EAGER BOYS to get into all of it and viola!  Instant volcano!

Here are photos of the lastest project!!! Hooray for homeschooling!

Here's the decorating/painting part!  Both boys got to take turns painting the volcano... all we had was brown... so that's what we used... good thing the only color we had wasn't blue or purple... that would have been odd.

And here is the FUN part... the EXPLOSION!!!!!!


amy said...

it's a good thing i reread that it was brown paint, because for a minute there, i was going to ask to lick the volcano...it looks like chocolate! then i was thinking, no wonder it was awesome, exploding chocolate! wonder if you can do that in a fondue pot?

alyssa said...

i thought it was chocolate too. it looks great though, either way. (though i could really go for some chocolate right now...) have we really been gone that long though?? the boys look so much bigger than i remember. :( miss yall!