Monday, January 31, 2011

1000 Gifts: In the Bleak Midwinter

Yes, it's still winter.  How I long for spring!  Ready for warmer temps, new blossoms, fresh cut grass, and being outside.  And while I wait, I count my blessings until we get there. 


fresh baked monster cookies

watching the kids of a friend while she attended a meeting

6 kids from 12 years to 3 months - cuddled on the couch enjoying a movie under cozy blankets

continuing to memorize Philippians

the sweet smile of an almost four month old


an extra car for a week

the pass sticker on our van for a clear inspection - Praise the LORD!

books from the library - learning and preparing - fresh veggies here we come!

ordering seed packets

sushi with the girls - YUM!


a hot shower

a Christmas bonus - blessings unexpected

reading with my boys during lunch - Eric Liddell, Henry and the Paper Route, and countless others

daddy coming home from work

breakfast for dinner meals

new books for mommy

the joy of learning

Godly counsel

the bald spot on a four month old from rubbing his tiny hairs away

the hair fringe of a four month old

boys in bed by 8 pm

treasuring hunting on the weekends - kids finding treasures - silly bands, shiny stones, action figures, skateboards - in small boxes hidden among the everyday

being outside for a long chunk of the day to walk, hunt, breathe, bask, laugh, and remember that warm weather is just a few months away


Lindsey V said...

Yum for fresh baked monster cookies!

All the kids cuddling on the couch for movie night sounds like so much fun!

Philippians is my favorite book of the Bible!

Yay for the extra car for last week and your pass sticker....that is super important {I am sure} with a full family!

Congrats on the Christmas bonus!

Annesta said...

I enjoyed visiting your blog tonight. We are about to hit with a storn blast of winter. Here in the South when the temps dip to the 40's we all think it's "freezing"! Can't imagine what it's like to be cold for long periods of time.
Your car passing a clear inspection is indeed a blessings.
It sounds like you are indeed living in the moment and enjoying that moment with those you love.
Grace and peace to you

The Farmer Files said...

Visiting from Multitude Mondays. Love the idea of treasure hunting on the weekends.

amy said...

yea for treasures and treasured times! and yum on the sushi front!