Sunday, October 12, 2008

The blur in my lens

I mentioned a few posts ago that I felt bad because I have so many pics of Chopsy and not many of the Monkeyman. This should explain it. Every time I take my camera anywhere, he is in constant motion. I try to get him to stop for a pose and he runs away. I guess it's what four and a half year olds do before the "I need to be in every picture" stage of later childhood. When I say he is in constant motion, I mean HE IS IN CONSTANT MOTION! I've thought about signing him up for track already. Wherever he goes, he runs.

He actually stopped for a few of these pictures, just because I told him that I'd put them on the computer. Tonight we continued our Sunday night park tour, to a different venue, but fun, all the same. The boys played hard, ran hard, and are now sleeping hard (hopefully).

These pictures explain the actions of a silly boy who decided to stand under the water fountain that was over shooting the drain. He decided to stand under the trajectory of the water and sing "It's Raining, It's Pouring" while the drops soaked his head and shirt. I didn't think he meant to do it, at first, then hubby told me that he was singing. What am I going to do with him??? :)

The boys and dad are giving a perfect photo op.

An adorable pose of the two boys actually loving each other... I had to get it while I could.

And of course, Chops, always ready with "Cheese!"


Heather said...

It really is amazing how much energy that young'un of yours has! Just think how neat it will be to see, down the road, how the Lord decides to channel that exuberance for His uses & His glory! (and now worries, I'll be hanging around for a peak myself!)

Heather said...

that should say... NO worries :o) I can't type today~