Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Foot lotion, markers, and crayons! Oh My!

I've been feeling a little guilty lately that so many of my posts have been about the Chops. However, at this point in time he is the one doing things most ridiculous. Everything, and I mean everything, goes in this child's mouth. He is constantly putting things in his mouth. When he was just 14 months old and really getting the hang of walking without being wobbly we took him to the park with a huge hill and many geese. Where there are geese there is goose poop. While the rest of the family was far beyond us, Chops was hanging back. Being the good mother that I am I monitored him from about 30 feet away making sure he didn't tumble down the hill, yet giving him space to be independent and allowing him to make a few mistakes - how we learn. Unfortunately, he stopped found something to put in his mouth, it was goose poop. UGH!!! I did everything except squirt hand sanitizer in his mouth.

Earlier this week it was marker tips and crayons while we were drawing pictures for a friend while waiting for dinner to be ready. Today it was foot lotion in my night stand drawer.

Last week (and regularly, for that matter) it was dog food from Shiloh's bowl. It's a lucky thing that the dog is so good natured. I guess he figures it's just fair... he picks the prime spot - under Chopsy during dinner.

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