Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Moving On???

Tonight I read the blog of my best friend. She's probably the only one who ever reads this. There are only a few invited to read. But I know that she reads faithfully.

After I read her blog I asked my hubby if we could move... to where she lives. He said "no". Then I had a brilliant idea. I told him that we could sell our house, buy the neighbor's RV that they are trying to sell and drive it up north to park it in my best friend's yard. I love her that much. He said "no".

The fact is there are so many places I would love to relocate, however, every place I'd want to go is not for a job, or the activities that happen there. It is for the people who dwell there. I'd move to Ohio, C-ville, Northern VA, Western VA, and maybe Pittsburgh - only cuz another friend just moved there, otherwise - I don't like Pittsburgh.

For now, God's plan is for us to stay here in our house, with our yard, and our jobs, and our church, and our family down here. But don't be surprised if in my prayers I'm requesting that God bring a new adventure to our family.... to move closer to the ones I love and miss so dearly. It's just not worth it without them. I love you.


Heather said...

I'll be praying for Jeremy's change of heart (or the Lord's!) :o)

I do miss you guys something fierce... you're my best friend, G, and it's funny b/c even though I've met some wonderful women over these past 2 years, none of them will ever, or could ever, replace you! There's only one you, and I'm so glad the Lord allowed our paths to intersect all those years ago as I dragged my unwilling husband to church (hee hee)... the distance isn't fun, that's for sure, but God is good-- He's working... and hopefully one day (sooner as opposed to later), we'll be neighbors once again!

Love you... have a great day!

Shannon said...

OUCH! That hurt man! Why would you want to live in a busy, expensive city when you could live in the mountains??

We're praying for the Lord's will for your family. Even if what he lays on your heart seems impossible, is there anything to hard for our God?

Love you,

mamaz223 said...

Hey! What happened to moving to Ohio?!?!?! What am I, chopped liver! Now that I know how to get here I am looking for additions to the blog . . . daily . . . ?!?!?! I think not, today is the 23 and you haven't posted since the 19th . . . what a slacker you are! . . . just a little motherly humor!