Monday, October 6, 2008


My Chopsy is growing so fast. He's almost two. Already he is beginning to talk about using the bathroom. He is eager to flush and tells us when he has a poopy diaper, however, over 75% of the time he is wrong. At least he knows that when he tells us that we will definitely check.

Our most recent breakthrough is during tubby time. With 100% accuracy (that's the teacher in me speaking) he will tell me that he needs to "Ninkle, Mommy! Ninkle!" So I tell him to hold on. I get a small bucket that we usually use to rinse his head off , and have since put in the dishwasher. He stands up and tinkles in the bucket. So proud of himself. We are so proud of him. Now the trick is to get him to do it in the potty. We've tried holding a cup in front of him as he is standing to simulate the same action in the tub. No such luck. I guess it will just have to be on his terms.

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Heather said...

Too funny! Surely you can just carry a bucket w/ you everywhere... his Sunday school teachers wont mind, will they??