Sunday, November 23, 2008

OOOH video!

Okay - so hubby and I have played with the computer's video program and decided to upload a video for the blog. This video was taken this past week... hubby was late at work, which meant I had dinner with the kiddos after a long day at work. The boys obviously knew that I was exhausted and decided to have a little fun after dinner. This is one of the nights I was emotionally done and thought about how easy it would be in the short term just to let the boys have their way... however, I knew what price I would pay in the long run for the bad decision I would make. I determined to keep my wits about me and thankfully, hubby came home just in time. Praise the Lord for my husband!

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Heather said...

He truly is Jeremy's son! hee hee

We missed you guys this weekend--I'm so glad to see you survived :o) Long work hours stink, that's for sure.

Have a super Monday. The kids and I (that's so weird-- the "kids" and I, not the "boys" and I!) are off to C-ville for the week. I'll try and post once or twice from Pop's computer but I won't be able to check in here at all w/o my Mac. Keep blogging and then I'll have a nice little book to enjoy when we get home!

I hope you guys have a fabulous Thanksgiving! Eat well, sleep well, and I'll chat w/ you next week!

Love you all,