Sunday, November 2, 2008

God's sense of humor

I had just finished reading my friend's blog about a crazy life and how to keep a good attitude when I decided to go get my 2 year old up and ready for church. My hubby was in the shower, Monkey was bathed and ready, and even I had my hair and make up on. All I had to do was get Chopsy out of the crib, feed him, dress him, and dress myself. I foolishly thought that we might get to church on time. Note I said "foolishly".

As I walked into his room his sleeper was unzipped but still on his arms and the stench of poop filled the room. He had taken off his diaper and there was poop all over; on the sheets, on the crib, on his stuffed animals, and all over his hands.

I immediately scooped him up took off his clothes and ran him into the bathroom where my hubby was showering. He cleaned Chops off while I worked on the bedroom getting everything disinfected and washed.

After everything was said and done, Jeremy was in the shower for about an hour this morning bathing our two boys and taking care of himself. We got to church very close to "on time". I hope the Lord was pleased at our effort. I believe I could hear Him chuckling as we walked in the doors of His house. He knew how our Sunday mornings would be. I'm sure glad He has a sense of humor.

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