Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Visit from Friends & Pizza Production

Because of the Thanksgiving holiday some friends came down from their new home out west to visit family. During this weekend they stopped by to pay us a visit. Boy were my boys excited. They couldn't wait for their long lost friends to come to our house to play and have lunch.

They arrived, played, ate, and left all too quickly. In between herding children, making sure children were eating, and assuring that children weren't too wild and hurting each other, we actually got part of a conversation in ourselves. I guess we'll just have to finish it later. All in all, everyone had a great time, although the visit was way too short. We made plans to visit again when they come in for Christmas. We can't wait.

After they left the boys went down for a nap. While they were down I went shopping by myself to begin gathering Christmas gifts and a few baby shower gifts for a friend. It was fun to go out, but I was by myself and longed for the company of a friend. There was none to be had. My mom and sister were together shopping, and all the friends that are so close to my heart were far away by distance. So alas I took to my shopping alone.

My last stop was the grocery store to pick up a few things, which quickly turned into a weekly shopping trip. I HATE grocery shopping. I would do one trip for 5 months if I could. Yuck. Anyway - I was trying to figure out what to have for dinner, which is a constant nagging question in my house. I get stuck in the "What are we gonna have tonight?" rut. Toward the end of my trip I had a brilliant idea. Make your own french bread pizzas! Assembly line production at its best!

As soon as I got home and put the groceries away, the boys washed their hands and sat at the table. We explained the concept and the goal. They had a ball. Dad's job was to put on the sauce. Monkey did the cheese. Chopsy did the pepperoni, and I put on the mushrooms. Everyone's pizza was different, but oh so yummy. They boys had a blast and really enjoyed it. Monkey asked when we could do it again. Chopsy kept eating the pepperoni from the bag AND off of the pizzas.

We finished off the night with a popcorn party and a video - The Easter Carol... Monkey's choice. We tried to encourage The Star of Christmas - but he was set on the Easter Carol. Oh well.

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