Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ready, Set, Go!

Here lately, Chopsy has been letting us know that he's understanding the concept of going to the potty. Just last night I was getting him ready for bed, and he said "Tinkle, potty!" I asked him if he wanted to try the potty and he got up and ran to the bathroom. With a little help from mom behind him, Chopsy tinkled in the potty. WooHoo! He repeated the feat again today at two different times. I am amazed. I wasn't even going to attempt to begin this task until summer when I had enough time to devote to the entire task. Looks like Chopsy might be doing it for me.

It still leaves the poop situation to question. I'm not going to even attempt to tackle that until later. For now this is enough.

Way to go Chops!

1 comment:

Heather said...

Chopsy-boy... I'm so proud of you!!

G, won't it be wonderful to get out of diapers??!

Hey, on a serious note... thank you for your encouraging words and for the extra verses, too. I'm reciting them over and over and over again. HE is great and greatly to be praised!

I love you, man, and *can't wait* to see you guys!! Hurry :o)