Sunday, January 10, 2010

1000 Gifts: God's Tapestry

God has really imparted to me this week how He is involved in all aspects of our lives... friends,  worship, study, extra curriculars, home, school, work, etc.  I was amazed as I studied the WORD this week at how many times the information was repeated somewhere else, showing me that He was doing something in more than one place.  He weaves a tapestry not only in my, so often self-absorbed, self- centered life - but weaves different strands of my life, and the lives of friends, family, acquaintances, and strangers.   He doesn't sit silently, but is active - working as the fine Craftsman taking time to  blend colors and masterfully pull certain pieces so they lay "just so."  For how He moves and loves, and weaves - I have an attitude of thanks.

0133.  A fresh new start to studying God's Word - a plan, a journal, His message specifically for me that day.

0134.  Scripture, alive and active - flowing like water, refreshing the soul, guiding the lost - meaningful every time it's read.

0135. God's Providence - His Word - Scriptures being repeated throughout my day - reminding me of what He's imparted in the morning.

0136. New relationships made while on a LONG EARLY trip to training - advice, encouragement, and friendship all sweetened by God's aroma... priceless

0137.  Little boys popping out of bed on Sunday morning telling me how much they missed their momma.

0138.  A daddy who lovingly cared for them - a mantown weekend - complete with a trip to the local jumping place - to wear all three of them out!

0139. Catching a glimpse of God's beautiful tapestry... created by Him for His glory... but involving me - woven through time, relationships, experiences

0140.  a weekend full of information - incredibly busy - yet refreshing - being away

0141.  having a full conversation - from start to finish - without losing track of the topic of conversation

0142.  a paradox - being humbled at the fact that God would use me - but realizing that He does because I'm His child.

0143.  An accountability partner - full of style :) and love for the Lord. Looking forward to studying and learning and growing.

0144.  The anticipation of yet another trip this weekend... to continue more of God's amazing weaving of hearts, lives, and relationships.


Heather said...

#141... you mean that's possible??

So glad you had a wonderful weekend-- God's tapestry certainly is a thing of beauty... a thing of mystery... a thing of power. And as you said, to be a part of it all-- priceless.

See you Friday! hoorah :)

amy said...

style? you must be joking. we need to get set up, girl! i'm right there with ya that all that we are reading is showing up all around me. amazing!