Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1000 Gifts: A Weekend Getaway

"Give thanks to the LORD, call on His name;
make known among the nations what He has done.
Sing to Him, sing praise to Him;
tell of all His wonderful acts."

Psalm 105: 1-2

We visited my best friend this long weekend.  What a treat!  I am still amazed at how God chooses your family (a blessing in itself) and then gives you friends who are just as close.  I am truly thankful for God's gift of friendship. I love how God shows us a bit of Himself in friends... maybe through gentle loving admonishing, through uplifting concerns in prayer, and just enjoying fellowship with each other.  For God's gift of Friendship I am truly thankful.

0145.  getting away early on a Friday afternoon... bags packed, house cleaned, excitement in the air

0146. the Truth Chronicles - Adventures in Odyssey to listen to all the way up

0147.  arriving to smiles, hugs, and a fun night of pizza

0148.  restful sleep

0149.  morning plans for the day

0150.  hunting, searching, success in finding treasures hidden

0151.  dinner ready in the crock pot after a day outside

0152.  dessert and a movie for all to enjoy

0153.  kids in bed, grown ups talking, laughing, reminiscing, sharing

0154. prayers answered

0155.  rejoicing in God's goodness

0156.  worshiping  the LORD together, side by side, mindful of His gifts

0157.   a rough morning getting ready, dad apologizing for wrongs committed to a son, and the son applying it to the lessons learned in Sunday School - the Spirit at work

0158.  a quick lunch then back in the vans for a trip to a museum to see aircrafts galore

0159.  the girl's van - a sleeping Lolli and two friends discussing families, choices, and life - so engrossed in conversation we miss our exit to the museum - just a few more minutes to chat. :)

0160.  home again for playtime, trains, wii, - the bigger boys willing to play with the younger - special times.

0161.  a boy learning how to throw a football with his dad.

0162.  pancakes, more playtime, grownups sharing stories, kids sharing time.

0163.  sharing more concerns to lift to our Father 

0164.  getting advice from a veteran homeschooling mom for direction for our family

0165.  another movie night, more brownies and ice cream, and laughter, snuggles, and bedtime

0166.  one last breakfast together, a few more minutes of play, sweet times spent together until the next time

0167. laughing about puffy hair - and the pleads for a cut 

0168.  my best friend, her husband, her sweet handsome boys, an adorable baby girl, and fuzzy pups  all sharing there home with us for a weekend of good times

Tried to share pictures - however all of my attempts to include failed - will check blogger to figure out what's wrong.



Heather said...

Another praise to report... or shall I call it a gift??

Chris. cut. his. hair. Yes, a substantial hair cut. A happy wife :)

Thanks again for a remarkable weekend-- we love you all immensely!

amy said...

sounds like a lot of fun was had by all. i love friends like that. what a blessing!